Expectations of and for medical studentsEdit

1. Explain ways in which expectations of and for medical students (their privileges and responsibilities) differ from what they expected and was expected of them in prior student roles;

a. access to senstive information

b. access to patient's bodies

c. confidentiality, privacy

Medical Students as ProfessionalsEdit

2. Defend or criticize the fact that medical students are judged by society as professionals.


a. Same information as doctors

b. We should get used to the practices early on in our education

c. Builds habits


a. Raises patient expectations

b. Students not yet mature enough

Ethics and Professionalism in Our CurriculumEdit

3. Give some examples of how ethics and professionalism are learned in our curriculum;

a. Interaction, lessons

b. Mentorship

Teamwork as a Professional BehaviorEdit

4. Discuss why teamwork is considered an important professional behavior.

a. Doctors work in teams to diagnose and treat.

b. Vital for proper patient care c. High quality care depends on teamwork

Confidentiality in Medical Student ActivitiesEdit

5. Explain why and how maintaining confidentiality applies to medical student activities (follow-up from College orientation and C2S). a. Required with all patient interactions

b. Extremely privileged information (patients don't necessarily want this information known to the general public.