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The UVASMD14 wiki is a collaborative website for working on learning objectives! Feel free to add your own input to any of the articles as you see fit. If you believe that you see incorrect information, please strike through what you think is incorrect and add what you think is correct after it in [slashes\\]. Happy studying!

As users submit their responses to the learning objectives, they will be organized by the modules on the left menu bar as (DATE) - TITLE, i.e. (8/21/10) - Intro to Medical Ethics. If you need help regarding finding pages, adding new information, or creating pages, see How do I add my learning objectives?

Since many users spend a great deal of time working on their own learning objectives and willingly share them here, we do ask that if you use these pages to check your own information that you put up some answers of your own as well. This is a community, not a place where 2 or 3 people put up all the answers that everyone else benefits from. Share and share alike.

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This wiki is not a substitute for your own studying. This is all student-generated information so some of it may be inaccurate. This should be a used as a reference solely to check your progress. If you do not study on your own, you run the risk of not learning the material, as well as violating the Honor Code. Should the faculty and staff decide that this wiki is inappropriate, we will act according to their wishes. Study hard and play hard. Go 2014!